Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Roundup - September 27th

 Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the First Weekend Round up in a Long Time! We are back! I am sorry that I have been MIA for those of you that don't know on July 19th We welcomed a new addition to our Family. His name is Jude and he is the LOVE of my life! If you want to read up more on Jude you can check out my Family Blog by clicking HERE.

Now let's see what's going on this weekend!

Don't forget to submit your events and like our Facebook Fan Page. We will also have a Weekly post on Sunday's as well!

9/26/12 - 10/9/12

9/21/12 - 10/4/12


9/28/12 - 9/29/12

9/30/12 at 7:30pm CDT

If you have any Questions or any requests... Please email us at


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